Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Home Sweet Home

Remembering that it is December 18th is a hard task when the temperature is hovering in and around 90 with a constant helmet of humidity surrounding your every move. I have gotten used to sweating profusely. In fact, I feel I might think something is missing when the day comes when I am not soaking wet for the majority of the day. In our new home, the terrace tiles get so hot that when I go to hang our laundry, even my calloused, weathered feet burn. Our poor little home is home to three avid cooks now, so it doesn't get much rest from the heat. It burns under the sun during the day, and it burns from our over-worked oven at night. But it feels so much like home...

Our new neighborhood is sleepy and calm, with shopkeepers who strictly observe siesta time, and wait outside their shops during non-siesta time, greeting potential patrons as they walk on by. There is no Freddo, the most famous and grossly-overpriced Argentine ice cream chain store; only independent helado shops with hand-made ice cream sold by men wearing old-fashioned short-sleeved white button-down shirts, refreshingly formal and serious about their service. The stars come out at night and the streets are quiet when darkness falls, allowing you to sit outside and enjoy the peace and tranquility that can be so rare to come by in the city. Although this peace and tranquility comes at a cost of being 35 minutes from the city center, it is more than worth it to us...All I need now is my rocking chair and my knitting needles.

And our home...I love it. It is two stories with a gorgeous terrace, on which we eat dinner every night. The downstairs is full of light with windows on all sides. The kitchen is tiled and has marble countertops. There are glass jars for our spices and our roommate has arranged everything so nicely and home-like. She has flowers planted in a windowbox outside the kitchen and a sage plant resting in the sun. At night, the neighbor's cat crawls across the roofs and comes to join Nick and me while we eat dinner, reminding me of Janie. I wish she could come back inside with us. :-)

I feel settled...So refreshingly at home. After being in the pulse of everything for the first leg of our journey, I realize that to be at the center of things is so exciting, but can be exhausting, especially when you need to be concerned about your safety, and also about being overcharged with extranjero prices in a touristy neighborhood. So, sigh, I feel home...On Tuesday, our first full day at our new house, I did not have class until the evening, so I unpacked all of our suitcases, arranged our room, scrubbed the floor, watered the flowers, poured our spices into the jars, and handwashed our laundry and hung it up to dry on the roof. I wanted to feel a part of the house, and I really, really do. Our roommate is also so wonderful, and helps so much to make it feel like home. I am just so thankful for this new chapter of our Argentine journey.

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Caitlin Cunningham said...

and i can't wait to really feel your home in a few months :)