Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Enchanting News

It has been way too long since my last blog post, which is something I feel very uncomfortable about (the neurotic, OCD writer in me is coming out!)! But there have been some big changes in our Argentine lives, and I am so excited to share them with you! First of all, Nick and I have begun to work for a WONDERFUL new website: Enchanting Challenge. This site is a social network for those who wish to become environmentally involved. Nick and I are both so excited and so grateful to be a part of this endeavor!! And we REALLY believe in the meaning of this site...

Both our jobs involve blogging. I blog about service opportunities, while Nick blogs about social entrepreneurs and the innovative and inspirational projects they are working on. My blog can be found at this link (if you have any suggestions, or would like to contribute anything, please let me know!!), and while Nick's is not live yet, as soon as it is, you better believe I will paste his link all over this page!!!

And...There is one more surprise about Enchanting Challenge. None other than Ms. Caitlin Cunningham has been hired as an intern to be the on-site Environmental Guru for Enchanting Challenge!! Her cute little eco-self is making her way South in the middle of March. I can not believe the three of us will be working together in Buenos Aires, Argentina!! It is a crazy and completely unpredictable turn of events that just makes me laugh with wonder every time I pause to think about it...


Lately it has been blowing my mind how interconnected the world is. I know these words are coming from a former Luddite, but everyday I am just amazed at the powers of connection through the Internet. I love that the White House now has an official blogger, and I love how Obama had two Twitter feeds before the inauguration. I don't mean to sound so corny, but it has just been occurring to me that the Internet is the ultimate flattener of the world, and the connections and opportunities that can bring about are so exciting!! I know of course that it is a tool often misused, but sites and projects like Enchanting Challenge embody the good that can come from the technology of today, and it is invigorating. I really feel like we are living in a new era, where there is a lot of work to be done, but it suddenly seems possible if we are all committed, and such commitment is facilitated by the Internet, which is so exciting. Oy, sorry for this tangent, I have just been filled with such crazy feelings lately!!! And I've been filling my playlists with corny songs like "We are the World." Oh my goodness...(Only when Nick is gone, though, I wouldn't put him through such misery...Especially the Linda McCartney parts!)

Anyways, enough of my vague tantrums...I have to share with you another exciting tid-bit. Nick and I have loved our time in Buenos Aires, but we think that it is time to move on...The Cunningham parents are coming to see us for the first two weeks in April, and together we will explore Buenos Aires from head-to-toe. Then, when they depart for Washington, DC, Nick and I will depart for Cordoba, Argentina, the second largest city in Argentina. Since we are now working primarily as bloggers, we are so fortunate and have the opportunity to work from anywhere that has Wi-Fi. So we are going to work on the road. :-) We plan to stay in hilly Cordoba for two months, then travel to the northwest, deserty region of the country, then down to Mendoza (the wine-soaked Andean region), and then south down through Patagonia.

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The idea of this journey sounds so, so exciting to us...We hope that it all works out and can come to fruition...We get butterflies just thinking about it, thinking of all the sites that will make our eyes open wide, the days on buses passing through landscapes we couldn't imagine, being forced to improve our Spanish, being inspired along the way, snapping pictures, and writing til our fingers are sore!!! So, here's to Argentina. Here's to our new world of interconnectedness and mobility, adventure, love, commitment, and gratitude.


Caitlin Cunningham said...

5 weeks!!! can't wait to be with my favorite people!

Hira said...

I didnt know you were planning this!! Thats so exciting sambo! oh gosh, im gonna ask you all about it tomorrow!!!