Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Miss Green Thang

The Green Queen Ms. Cunningham is leaving quite a green footprint on Buenos Aires, let me tell you! Everyday she is looking high and low, searching under every stone, for more green pieces of the city. From her guidance, we have dined at two AMAZING green restaurants: BIO, and the restaurant of the amazing eco-friendly boutique hotel, Casa Calma. Both were AMAZING. Please humor me while I indulge in my memories...

At Bio, we dined on tofu grilled in a mustard sauce, mushrooms marinated in coconut milk and Thai chilies, salads full of pecans and avocado and pineapple and pumpkin goodness, and ginger ice cream over an apple crisp. AH, the organic, fresh goodness of it all!!

At Casa Calma we feasted on smoked salmon sandwhiches on nutty whole-wheat bread, grilled organic chicken heaven, and organic happy-cow steak, all while we sipped on natural ginger maté that left our tongues zinging! The hotel's name is very accurate, for in that beautiful white, softly-lit café, bellies full with healthy cuisine, we were indeed c-a-l-m, despite the hectic, noisy traffic that was just out the door but seemed miles away.

So, the green temptress has tempted our tastebuds and left us yearning for more, more, MORE organic goodies!! In order to not break the bank, we have been trying to incorporate new and green recipes at home. Caitlin has dazzled us with her amazingly fresh bruschetta, I have tried to contribute by making baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon for dessert, and we are steeping away the organic teas Caitlin has purchased. Some other green finds Caitlin has dug up are the following:

The Natural Deli, a little café and shop in classy chic Las Cañitas, where Caitlin bought two bottles of organic wine, two boxes of organic teas, one giant bag of organic maté, AND a lovely little jar of organic jam (no corn syrup in that baby! Hurray!). Not to mention the biodegradable plastic bags the store gives away that we are now using for trash!!!

The Casa Calma TOUR. Little Miss Green Thang scored us an in-depth tour of the Casa Calma, Buenos Aires' FIRST eco-friendly hotel. The lovely hotel manager, Agustina, showed us all of the rooms and all of their amazingly natural spa products and services...(Couldn't Caitlin have tried a little harder and gotten us an actual spa service??!) If anyone reading this is planning a trip to Buenos Aires, I really recommend staying at the Casa Calma!!

Re-usable grocery bags. She brought them from home, and yes, now Nick sports a ¨Green and Gorgeous¨ cloth bag as he grocery shops. It's pretty amazing!!!

The Omnivore's Dilemma. This famous little paperback packed with scary facts on where our food comes from, and hopeful facts about where it should come from, is dominating our Green Queen's days. She is reading out loud to us every other page, so I feel I don't really have to do my own research anymore, as I've got my in-house, live, organic news feed!

YOGA (pronounced shoga in Argentina!). Yesterday marked the first day of Caitlin's now-daily yoga sessions, which involve 30 minutes of yoga in our apartment's one bedroom, Nick standing on one side of the bed, me on the other, and Caitlin leading in front of the bed, smoke from the apple incense we bought in Tigre swirling all around us and making us feel very om-like. I have to admit, I must look like a stiff gringo, but I feel GREAT. I feel all loosened up and hope to look like Guru Cunningham someday if I keep it up, which I am determined to do!!!

Keep tuned in for more of Little Miss Green Thang's adventures! I'll keep you posted!


Marina K. Villatoro said...

it's great to see that argentina is coming up in it's green ways and not just focused around beef, beef, beef. when i was there 8 years ago, it was a far cry from anything green or yoga-y like!
I loved it there, but missed the options for a healthier way:)
The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

Hira said...

yaaay Caitlin! What a trailblazer she is! :) I really would like to start doing yoga... i can imagine it being very good for your body, mind and soul!! Also, all your posts make me so hungry sambo! You must bring me back recipes!! :))

Miss you tons XOXO