Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waving Goodbye To Buenos Aires

Our Buenos Aires chapter closed in two parts. The first part came last Monday when we packed Caitlin off into a taxi and asked the driver to take her to Izeiza Airport. The second part came last Thursday when Nick and I boarded the double-decker bus at Retiro Station and headed west. Destination: Cordoba.

First for the first part. The last week of Caitlin's stay, we became sponges--soaking up the city with every pore. We ate Brazilian, savoring every bite of our feijaoda and revelling in every sip of our caiparinas. We rocked out a jazz bar where an Australian tourist told the wicked keyboardist to "let loose and cut-it-up!" We saw the best view of Buenos Aires on a crystal clear day from the top of the Palacio Barolo. We had friends over for La Fachada emapanadas washed down with Fernet, and we curled up almost every night to watch a comedy (from Stranger than Fiction to The Royal Tennenbaums). We ate one last meal from Pura Vida and did one more round at the Sunday San Telmo Antique Fair. We read in the Palermo parks and we walked the walk of the La Boca El Caminito. We swayed to Argentine folk at a porteno pena and we shared a Quilmes (the cheapest thing on the menu!) at the ever-so-posh Cafe Tortoni). We did it all, and we did it in style.

We went out with a bang. In our last week in Buenos Aires, we celebrated Buenos Aires. And what better way to say good-bye to such a multi-colored city than to rejoice in its splendors? Our 8 months in Buenos Aires were complicated--so many up's and down's, and so many lessons in the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are so thankful for the depth and the intimacy of our stay in Buenos Aires, as it is its very profundity that will keep the city in our hearts forever. But a farewell should really be joyful, a rejoice and celebration for all that is good enough to miss.

So that is how the three of us said our goodbyes to Buenos Aires, and to each other. And it was perfect.

Nick and I passed the two days that lapsed between Caitlin's departure and our departure working, packing, and saying good-bye to friends (and renting more movies). It all felt very anti-climatic, but in a nice, calm, meant-to-be way. It felt truly that it was the time to move on to a new place. So with little fanfare and many hopeful promises to see our friends in the upcoming months, we dragged our rolling suitcases and hikers' backpacks to Retiro one last time and jumped aboard the Sierras de la Cordoba omnibus and headed toward more deserty lands.

As we passed through Buenos Aires, it was strange to see the city fade away, knowing we will not see those now-so-familiar signs for a long time. But sadness is a happy part of a goodbye, as the wonderful Sallycat says, as to be sad in your goodbye means that you were so happy in your hello.

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